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Why in Cornwall , I guess I m a sucker for a woman, however while working at Rhyl north wales, one week I met a girl called Barbara everything was custy and after a week she was gone, never expecting to see her again..

Let me explain I worked at Oceanbeach Funfair Rhyl

While my boss was Lyas we normally never seen one another from week to week as time-keeping was not an issue ,getting some sleep was, myself and Andy

worked the Swingaround or our terminology was the perversion express

it was a job that women came flocking to and was not unusual to score three times sometimes four times a day...unless it was a weekly

a weekly being tourist not Day

Day-tourists were bank-holidays etc

4times a day was easy these days

Andy and I used to see who could pull the most and dressed for the occasion, addidas samba trainers, grey stay-press and a clean white pressed shirt, to which Lyas and the others found funny, however while here I also met a woman I would not forget Liz Kerslake , as if by magic Liz would appear around 21.50pm just as we were getting ready to close ..then a quick 75 mile run to the wirral, strange 25 Kerslake Road, the wirral

do you still live there...?

This was to be my life for about 3 months work, sex, drugs, work, amphetmines , hashish, sex, work,

and always back to the wirral

dinner then bed



breakfast by this time Liz would be up shirt pressed , and breakfast ready.....

quick speed-ball- eye-opener

rush over to Rhyl for 10.00am

this carried on for a while , until one Day, I was glancing through the crowds, and I says to Andy, that I must be hallucinating, I m sure I just saw that Barbara from Cornwall

sure enough I turned round and there she is me not.....


How do I get out of this one simple......

21.30pm that evening I hand her a tenner and tell her I will meet her at the fun-pub in 20 minutes

as soon as she has gone ,, who turns up


a quickly closing of the ride ,and off to the wirral we go...

never giving the fun-pub a second thought

morning time and Liz has just dropped me off when I get my collar felt....

bang you guessed it


Where did you get too last night

me card game with the boyz that old line usually works

I must stress I am running late now...

anyhow gave her the keys to my flat in butterstone road and away she goes...


how do I get out of this tonight..


As usual Liz is standing by the sea-food bar

and approaching is Barbara


now if I could I would have took them both home, but that wasnt an option

I explained to Barbara that I was going over to the wirral, and all hell broke loose , she bursts in to tears, Liz doesnt know what is happening, Barbara is pulling me her way, Lyas is laffin his arse off ,as I glance up at his station



gave in and went back to butterstone road and spent the night with Barbara no-speed here

cramps-and more cramps

next morning...we are packed and heading for


AS for Liz I never seen her again I must apologise to Lyas for leaving him in the lurch.. this weekend. as it was a bank-holiday..

As we are travelling south I would like to point out that the driver and co-pilot were within 16miles of luton airport before realising their mistake...

making it 3..4am before making it to



9 stithians row


to be up-dated



So it was goodbye Rhyl hello Cornwall as I said it was 4am before we got back.. anyway heres me thinking I m being asked here so she can get me off the phet, fuck me next I know I m painting outside of the house and 3 weeks later she kicks me out....well I found other accomadation soon down in


little pokey one room bedsit it would suffice as I wasnt working a giro was my means of survival, first stop local hostlery which was namely the red lion names escape me one that does stick is tipper if you know him say tnx for the cornish hospitality

well after a few sessions of pool in here I am signed up for the team beer tokens here I come

you see I liked to hustle at pool not the first time in a skirmish over a game of pool and not the first time I have been on a table all afternoon playing for drink ,tis a cheap way to get drunk...

I remember arm wrestling for money also in the red lion, it wasnt long before I had another admirer, well if you have it flaunt it... and I m not shy as we know.....

now this woman knocked it for me I was in heaven only thing to spoil it was a phone call from Aviemore recruited for another year ,you see it didnt matter how much I had to drink the night before I always made my work, you see I was dependable, reliable, punctual

which is required from any employer and even to the extent that I knocked back weeks of holidays in France and Italy in exchange for favours lmao

because my loyalty was with the cairngorm chairlift company......

so there it was a short lived spell in cornwall not that I didnt do nothing wrong I was later to get an excursion from FIFE


Truro & west powder


albeit kicked out on the street the next day having to hitch-hike all the way from Truro back to Fife with a 200 fine

of course this ties in with the 6month suspended served at H.m.p. Walton

to be updated

broken glass


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