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dont ask me how I managed to get this job ,but I did, I had been working for the


for the past three years ,even being in


one year when I got a call up to start work in the december

however this year I was late in coming up for work and decided to try ski instructing

managing to secure a job with the

Badenoch ski school

my first class were a family of 5 and two girls

a bit nervous as you can imagine, but after three years on the ptarmigan tow I had watched and listened to instructors give advice and on odd occasions joined their classes for the odd tuition lesson free

well I need nt have been worried as I sailed through my first week even getting a nice bonus from the father of the family as he felt his boys had progressed tenfold...

it was over the weekend that ronnie frasier informed me that Arthur of the trampies was looking for bodies to go to Italy , it might be a week or a month , but I was up for the cup, all I had to do was go to fife and pick up my passport from my fathers as he still had it from when I was in Malta

and be back in Aviemore by wednesday..

after hitch-hiking both ways i was in Aviemore

and as myself ronnie and shona were going over together we caught the train, it was whilst on this train that I bumped into a girl and her mother, who were heading for middlesborough

lorraine moffat

from finstown on the orkneys

we had a great crack on the train as we knew we would be travelling for 36 hours it was safe to get blootered....

as lorraine and her mother vacated the train ,we said we would keep in touch

little did they know I would turn up out of the blue 10 months later


the train was getting closer to our destination stop...Matlock-derbyshire i think

once here we booked into a hotel ronnie and shona sharing what a bitch

mind you we never got much sleep as the bar was well stocked and private

next morning we caught the coach that was taking us to pila

plus 45 punters only no seats for us...

what sort of outfit was this





never mind the coach set off little did I realise how long we would actually be on this coach

20 hours later tired and drained we nearing LYON

central france

a break and a piss later we are back on the coach

heading towards the Mont blanc tunnel

roughly eight kilometres in length

at the other side


my first glimpes of the alps from the ground the last time I saw them was from a plane heading to Malta

we were soon climbing a mountain road heading skywards to the top of the world

arriving in PILA

roughly 9.30pm

punters had to be kitted out with boots skis poles and then shown to their accomadation

of course we were straight off the bus and into the hub of things

little did I know I would be here for 5 months +

after everyone was sorted out with their equipment

it was off for a brief chat with head-instructor





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