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I guess this is where my troubles start, roughly around 1973/4/5 things are getting really bad at home since my dad has gone,not  that  he  is  to blame ,as  he  has  no idea  what  is  happening  at  this  address and W.kellichan has installed himself as chief-bottle-washer, my mother is working at rowntrees-macintosh,



for a sweet-tooth

Kellichan is a rather violent man and at times unpredictable, especially when he has been drinking, when at this time I am proficient at the age of 14 at making home-brew ie 40 pints ready to drink, 40 pints ready to be bottled and finally a new kit to start the whole process again, including 4ib of sugar...

Weekends were the worst when the drinking was at its worst, I sometimes wonder how I am still alive, the fear this man instilled in me at this age was phenomenal ,I was constantly bed-wetting , and at times slept in a walkin-wardrobe to prevent the bed from being sodden albeit

the mattrass was no longer covered the acid had perished all the fabric , no longer was anyone interested , despite frequent visits to doctors and social workers no-one picked up on this mans violent behaviour towards my mother my sister and myself...

ie..fear and terror

On this ocassion something was going on in my mothers room and I wanted to intervene ,But kellichan came out like a devil and I ran back to my bed AND listened to the orgy of violence in the room next-door , do not ask me what was going down, all I can remember is everytime I shut my eyes ,


appeared at the foot of my bed , the only way I can confirm this is true is by naming the book I attempted to read and shut out the sounds from next door this book is called

blue two ,bale out

at this point I am unable to remember the authors name ,but I sure someone will know this book

this is only one occasion of many nights of violence I witnessed at this address I suppose thats why I was farmed out to my auntie and uncles at



this I suppose was to stop me witnessing anymore ,but after the night described I felt it hard to sleep under the same roof as kellichan

even to this day , I will not give this man the time of he is still abusing my mother even after 28 years it is still going on....

The Grim Reaper

to me was a sign to stay awake or else I might not see the morning...I would like to point out that during the ages of 12 to 15 I was attending the christian fellowship at west parish church sinclair drive


It was here that I found solace and guidance that gave me the strength to carry on someone who would always be there , a friend who would always listen ,

someone to share a problem with

It was here I first experienced talking in tongues

I suppose it is similar to chants of tribes and communes throughout the world

reaching your innerself and expressing in a form of communication that only the lord himself can understand, a gift we must treasure and not forget

as the 7th commandant states

there is only one god

he from above



Rev. Alexander. Shaw

note neither my father nor step-mother knew any of this was occurring and wont until they read it here

coming soon

vision no.2

auchtertool resevoir



my second vision is on a poaching trip to auchtertool reservoir it is not much to write about except the fact I must have been about 14 years old.........anyhow as we are fishing I hear a sound and then running and snorting...........heavy hoofs........and in the moonlight running up a hill a silhouette of an animal I would have said it was either a cow or a bull.. but to me on after thought I see it as sign to stay awake once more.......fearing the worst I crawled into my overnight sleeping bag and tried to shut it out of my mind....needless to say you have to remember what is going on @ 27 hillcrest

the violence and aggression this man shows me I know it is better to leave the house rather than stay under the same this was one of the reasons I started helping malky parkes deliver to the hospitals from woodend dairy..leaving the house at 1.15am to go round and get malky he lived in blamey crescent it was only a 10 minute walk from hillcrest....

the last straw for me @ 27 hillcrest was one Monday evening I was returning from a week-end @ mike dicksons from it was around 10.15pm I open the front door and as it shut kellichan came down the stairs like a raging bull and preceded to lay into me , seemingly I am getting the blame for breaking the needle on his music-centre, even though I have been out all week-end ,of course I did not wait about I got out as fast as I could and went to jean wilsons who lived @ 31 hillcrest as I was shaking like a leaf I asked her to phone the police and also could she phone my father.....sure enough 20 minutes later the police arrived and went into the this time my father and my uncle george had arrived and were willing to give kellichan a beating only the police had beaten them.........a few minutes later the police came out..........and informed me that my mother would not testify........and that they could not charge kellichan..

and basically that was the last time I was close to my mother 28 years on I am finally getting it down on paper and I am as distant from my mother as I was all those years ago not through choice

this was not my mothers fault as I can only say by this time the beatings she has suffered kellichan has put the fear of god in her also and still to this day he continues to abuse my mother as pointed out early

temazepam and alcohol

once more I ask this question


from then on I would stay @ friends houses when ever I could


I got detention a few months later @ least I did not have to put up with this animal of a man.....for the relevant authorities kellichan wore a wig in his younger days which made it quite easy for him to be two people

once more I ask the relevant authorities has this animal had a



his last involvement with the police would have been around 1975 when he was convicted and fined approx 900

now in 1975 that was a heavy fine so what previous did this man have..........after being convicted of a killing myself and after self-analysis I then went on to analyse kellichan without giving to much away here was a man that had a hunger for killing including pet dogs, neighbours rabbits.....and on one occasion took me with him to go for lambs .......thank fuck we never got any not my cup of tea sorry my evil does not go that far

kellichan had a job in rosyth dockyard overhead crane-driver....a solitary job. with very little in the way of work and plenty time for thought...........

lets guess who he really is only a D.N.A test would eliminate him then at least my mind would be settled, that he is not this person

I have seen this man in full flow and unlike myself he is not a nice character....

28 garry park

to be up-dated

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A thriving business when I started here around 1974 as many as 7 floats possibly more any way I got a job working with Malky Parkes whom I was to work with for many years, my first experience of milk rounds was getting up at 5am just to do our own round after I had been here a few months I started going out at 1.45am and getting Malky up and away to deliver to the hospitals as far afield as buckhaven - methil

getting back to Cowdenbeath with some milk let to start our own round, so by the time 7am came you were more than finished, except then it was on to the shops, to which I found more exciting than school earning money is a natural thing if you know how to use your head....

It was here I was to work until I left school and started at ALPINE-SOFT-DRINKS dunfermline as Malky was a driver I assumed 2nd post as vanboy in any normal day we would cover 500 calls and deliver to my old favourite tullibody..

which was to mention so much in my life

to such an extent my grand-parents lived there for a short while

one of them which the S.P.S were greatly appreciated when they were late in getting me to my grandmothers funeral in Ballingary Fife

although at the time I was numb as the week before I had watched her pass away in front of my eyes

albeit 20 seconds after I arrived from Glenochil then whisked back again....


in the 70 was a hustling place there was work plentiful N.C.B. the babygro , alexanders bus company, jeltek just to name a few

today it is run down it lacks self esteem ,the thatcherite government ripped the heart and soul from all these communities, obviously they didnt expect things to turn-out as they

even the dockyard is no longer a secure placement of employment, glad I never ventured there instead opting for the coal-mines

52 maingate

This was where I did some of my face-training , eventually going onto the coal-face and pulling gullick-chocks in as the shearer went passed...this was ok except when the waste wouldnt fall for maybe six or seven shears

and then suddenly in a second come crashing down..a scary way


development road as far down this coal-mine as you, can go the air is stale , small-flies sweating just walking here and all we are here to do is to see how far we can go before reaching the fault

someone has to do it....


My favourite place

everyone knew everyone had been together as a team for over a year, power-loading wages was good for a chap only 20 years old

16x12 arch-ways

single-leg easy up a 1in4 gradient

crown was a little trickier

270 pounds of explosives 0 to 9 delays on the dets

and away you go....


then just whin dust

40 minutes clearing and back in

clead the roof and then place the crown

then the legs

sounds like I m addressing a woman I wish


thanks  for introducing  me  to the








same initials

different person

It was in Calais ferry port that I was approached by

a total stranger and asked if I would use this card, never one to give in to the challenge, a quick visit to the phone booth and glance at the card, ticket counter

bon soir

tres billet et dover si vous plait

easy as that

not including the duty-frees on the way over and a few pints


time to chase the card holder , so he gets told where to go, only he was, n t the holder


dover to london on an amex np

until you try to draw cash from petty cash at a hotel

to pay the taxi

only he never even noticed gilly swiping his cash bag..tut-tut

vanderbilt hotel


just take a seat Mr.metcalfe

till I phone the police ,however we were arrested, myself, gilly , harry-bell and a guy on the run from the army, unaware he had screwed the


locked up in a cell in London isnt beneficial but an eye-opener on how the D.S. operate

just like you and I they mingle


except I am on the other side of the fence still

later in the day H.B got bail and scarpered after all his only involvement was to try and get to Bordeux and pick grapes to which he patients for traffic

says he who spent 3 days stuck in porte de chappelle north Paris

and on one occasion managing to walk as far as Lille

the joys of travelling alone..


come for the chap from the army two burly buggers too

leaves myself and gilly who is from st.helens

I manage to get bail and decide to wait and see if gilly makes it....eventually he does

and at the same time the police kindly return the receipts and the booze and the fags..


so we head off down towards victoria station

settle down for a few hours kip , a few swallies first of course

as we getting settled two coppers come and remind us that there is no sleeping in the station, well not a least lying down, I am proficient at sleeping in a chair

The morning comes and we head out of London heading for the M1

seems to take forever and must have been 8 to 10 miles that morning..just to the start of the motorway

eventually hitching as far as Birmingham

roughed it and then



an office with a difference

this was my first venture into a place that dealt solely with the homeless, a place not to be forgotten....alkies, pros, junkies...jeez all I wanted was what I was entitled to, yet treated like a leper I must go with cap in hand and be expected to record my every movement

I am a free spirit

this is the story of a tramps memoirs and travels


sandy-clarke 10-12-62


coming soon






8x3 cell for two


bruce crawshaw

raffles road






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