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Well when you have an auntie and uncle that live within 800 yards of the a1(m) it makes an ideal stopover point a good nights sleep a bath and most of all a hot meal, being on the road is nt easy getting a hot meal once a day is a rare occurence

I do not know how many times i stood at this junction either heading north or south.....

eventually i was to marry a girl from hexthorpe....and to try and settle down this was not to be as my wife lost the child through an eptopic pregnancy and this was the downward spiral of my marriage, my spirit and when my grandfather richardson passed away that was the last straw i packed up and went back on the road...stopping at pontefract a few times as my money was still getting paid into the yorkshire bank and pontefract was one town with a closer link to the A1(m) than balby

I remember once hitch-hiking from dover to the orkneys in four lifts with a stop over in balby

and yes the orkneys will bring kirkwall and my friends from finstown and grimbister

the best way to keep clean on the road was to use the services carry razors, shaving foam, your own coffee and tea-bags , that way you just ask for hot-water...sometimes you will land in it..too

before i met my wife i used to like going into doncaster the nightlife was always electric espcially when those yorkie girls heard your scotch acCENT talk about leg-openers forget the carlsbergs here..none required i remember the barmaid from the hexthorpe arms, carol i think her name was, she enjoyed my scottish hospitality....albeit to be replaced a few months down the road...after a week the novelty had worn off i just didnt want to hurt her feelings...

best places i found in doncaster was “camelots” wall to wall pussy honest...dry rubs all the time lmao the winning post balby.. shame actually because now i dont drink period ....hate to think how much i either threw up or peed down the drain another story honestly...

this was the thing with no actul home to go to its either die or keep on going i suppose that why the sentence did not really affect me as i was already switched off my faith and belief had been destroyed only to be replaced with grief and despair at my predicment

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the greenaways

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