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Alexander Mcrobbie Munro H.M.P 30 clachan road Rosneath G84 0RJ Dear Sir , Madam last year while I was returning from Helensburgh after a days work and shopping llike any other normal person does., I pulled in @ victoria buildings to post a letter Id forgotten to post..suddenly a car swerved and cut me up..only for a male to jump out of the car ask me if I was who I was and that I was being held under (section-23) no idea what it is. Id like to point out I was shaken by these actions , while one of the 2 officers searched my car and the other gave me rub down .... informed me that my house had also been searched...........after 15 minutes searching the car I was informed that I could go...(how nice) On returning to my house a site of devastation greeted me ,my whole house upside down...........I cannot explain how I felt @ least while I was in prison I was present when my cell was searched.I used to call this my house now I call it my glorified prison cell due to your officers antics. Id like to know what evidence and information this warrant was issued on .... and why wasnt my house returned to the way it was before the (keystone-cops) arrived , it was that bad one of my neighbours was woken by the noise of the battering my door 14 attempts, in fact she phoned the police to say my house was being broken into only to realise it was the police. Since then I have been suffering flashbacks panic attacks, and paranoia that I am being watched all the time, frightened to leave the house for any length of time in case I return to find a similar scenario..cant sleep @ night for fear of the door going in again..and it has got to the stage where I have once more been signed off work......... and a referall to see the shrink. Regards the door I am now being pursued for the costs of replacing the door by Argyll and Bute council.. Id much appreciate if you can inform me of the officers name detailed on the enforcer that day so he or she can pay for the damage they caused I never did it..... Since this has happened my health has slowly deteriorated slowly back to what it was when I first came out of prison in 1995 afraid to venture out ..........I even had neighbours coming and asking if it was porn they were looking for I could only say I didnt you see your police force has put me somewhat of a precarious position..neighbours that cross the street , giggle behind your back, avoid all contact, where as before they would have chatted... Now if neighbours are assuming it was porn what else are the gossips saying....@ least when I was in prison I was present when any search was being carried out..... and ok I had a habit in prison ..dont you believe people can change.............I dont drink dont do drugs..not even anti-depressants anymore.............but what your force has done to me is beyond belief. I shall be taking this to the commisioner if I do not get any satisfaction from yourself..and to the court of human rights,what right do you have to violate my home and on what evidence was it justfied, also I have sensitive papers regarding my case your officers should have had no reason to go through,what Id like to know is what were they looking for , I certainly dont know can you enlighten me ? On a business front god knows what damage (the keystone-cops) have done if neighbours avoid me well I can only assume businesses wont want to do work with me now either. and since I have been signed off work Im no longer able to concentrate on my business. oh yes show how much information your officers had didnt even know I was a far did I get before this escapade several pieces in "Inverbeg Gallery" now Im sure Tom and Kate Merrett are good judges of character ...but your grasses and informers maybe people that have a grudge against me, did your officers ever take that into account i think not.... thats how easy it is..........with your "shop_a-dealer" campaign to get someones life turned upside down I have plenty more to say on this subject and I will in due course as for now Im finished please note I will be sending a copy to my solicitor and I will be pasting this letter on my website awaiting your reply yours sincerely Alexander Mcrobbie Munro

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