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Lord Mcaulay Q.C
presiding  judge
The honorable Lord Milligan
the chalet du soleil pila italy.
this is where I had been the previous year .........
where  the  shit  hits  the  fan

Queens Counsel

After three days in Aviemore police cells I appeared at

Inverness Sheriff Court, on a charge of attempted murder

and was remanded in custody, two weeks ago I was a free man, happy go lucky and was supposed to be in Skye, and here I was facing the prospect of going to jail for a long time.

I was going to be defended by Lord Mccauley, whom I was informed was the best in the country at the time..

Once all the depositions were accrued I had one meeting with my Q.C.

Recreation in Porterfield prison usually consisits of watching tv or playing pool, during the evening I heard my name called and I was to go to the Governers office, should I wait and watch Wendy James of transvision vamp, strutting her stuff to " I want your love", suddenly my stomach, tightenened and crunched up.

Once inside the office, I was introduced to a chief constable, and he informed me that at 4.20pm approx

Mr. Coupers parents had switched the life support machine off and I was to be charged with Murder,

mouth agape........

During my 110 day lie-down which is a fully commital I had one meeting with Lord Mccauley Q.C, his words were quote I have read the depositions and I have to advise you to plead Guilty to the said charge unquote.

I am sorry but I read the depositions and there were numerous discrepancies throughout them.

Where was this going, I had not intended to harm Mr.Couper, and yet he and Jim Cruickshanks were the agressors .

My first night on a Murder charge I shit the bed nerves and fear had a grip of me, I was still reeling from Q.Cs

quotes, I felt that he was not the right man for my case, and I went back and went over the depositions again.

The Trial

My second meeting with my Q.C was on the trial day, no other meetings were made, no discussions only two appointments for a murder trial, strange and inconsistent , I believe this man,s heart is not in this case, despite offering the crown of a plea of guilty to culpable homocide, they knocked it back, wanting me charged and convicted of murder.

Three days the trial lasted and while I was down the cells waiting for the jury to deliberate their verdict, there was no point in fretting I was either getting a life sentence or what else was in store ?

I reckon the jury were out for about 40 minutes approx this is where my fate lies now in their hands.

Back in the dock awaiting their judgement, relief not guilty of murder , but guilty of the lesser charge culpable homocide, for a moment I thought I was walking as I had already gave the crown the the oppurtunity of a conviction on the lesser charge, why then did the judge give the jury the option of the lesser charge, I

was charged with murder, and this was the charge I was found not guilty of.

I was not given the option of saying anything before his lordship passed sentence, neither was there any background reports asked for before passing sentence, strange once more


with kind regards there was no defence because I was in shock and suffering from memory loss however after reading the first page you will see that Ian Couper , James Cruickshank, were the agressors, and last Gary Wilson whom was not even called to give evidence

the blame partly lies at all these people yet not one prosecuted.

HOW I LOVED THIS JOB...........................

your  time-line is
from the  threat  to the  actual blow
despite  having  at  least
20 whiskies  plus and  covering  this  distance  in this  time...
Im sure  if  Northern Constabulary  would  release  the  photo they  have that  was  taken approx 45 minutes after, also I  would  like  them to release the  alcohol blood level count... we  can safely  say
this  was  a  superior force
As for  premeditation I  had  no idea  Ian Couper would  be  at  the  chip shop..that  covers  the  premed accusation for the you  have  time  to think straight
emotion,fear, and  loss
Answers  please

10 cairngorm avenue

what escapes me here is here at the time of the altercation these three main witnesses for the crown are all at the same address.

Yet at the time of the trial they are all in different accomadation..making it look like three independant witnesses, yet when I explain I am left handed and the two police officers statements regarding the right hand is an open-handed movement proving there is no weapon in the right hand ....colloborating my own memory of events..

the sentence 10 years is where this address lies


appeal do you know this fisherman
contact immediately

Despite James Cruickshank taking  the  witness  box
and  on being  questioned on wether  Ian Couper
and  himself  pursued the  accused after he  had  left  the
locus  with  the  dog
Mr  Cruickshank replied  that they  hadnt
this  is  strange, because two not  one
police  officers  witnessed the  now  deceased  and  Mr. Cruickshank
chase  after  the  accused.
If  Mr.Cruickshank had  nothing  to hide  then he  would  have  admitted  that  they  did in fact  pursue  the  accused
and  that  they  did infact threaten the  accused with his  life
and  did proceed  to take  the  dog.
Mr.Cruickshank  is  both  guilty  of  perjury and  of threatening  behaviour towards the  accused, putting  the  accused  in fear  of  his  life  and  person.
The  dog Gemma  is  in legal terms
personal property of the  accused
and  as  for the trial itself is totally  flawed
and  is  why  I  hold  the  crown in contempt of court
the  legal term being
" praemunire"
This  applies  to any  offence calculated to interfere with  or  cast contempt upon the  perogative of  the  crown.
One  of  the  chief  statutes of this  name, intended to prevent the  encroachments of  papal power in England, was  that  of  Richard II (1392)
Force Majeure
For you  latin buffs
Hoc Anno
Hoc Loco
Hoc  Tempore
Hodie Mihi
Hoi Polloi
Hoc Genus Omne
Homo Homini Lupus
Homo sui juris
Homo Homini Lupus
Lapus Memoriae
laus Deo
Lex scripta
Lex tallonis
Locus standi
Lusus naturae
Magna est veritas et praevalet
Mal a' propos
Moto proprio
particeps criminis
per fas  et  nefas
pieno jure
primae  facie
pro tempore
quod avertat Deus

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