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people to say thank-you to

for this page

I have to contact the relevant people

just to make sure my ass does not get it

this page is for the people that have had faith in me and who have treated me like a human-being

rather than the killer i was labelled

if your looking for me to chat to i can normally be found in yahoo chat

room 40#3 with numerous friends from around the globe

also i can normally be found on 11metres radio freq

27.585 mhz

or 26.120mhz

in person normally in



least three times a week

some people may be shocked to find out about my past but if you are going to do business with me i would rather you hear it from me rather some gossiper in the street and pointing

however since you now know a little bit about me you will realise that i am a very motivated person and failure does not fit in my vocabulary

only one thing i had to do twice and that was the theory test for driving even the crown had to have two bites @ the cherry for this conviction

not right

2nd place is not good enough in life its 1st place or do not bother joining in do not expect me to carry your workload you are your own keeper do not let anyone think otherwise

no-one can tell you what to do you have a right as a human being to defend yourself when threatened and not be bullied not @ school or in the workplace but most of all do not be bullied by the british government..this is a taxable country everywhere it is yet conditions for the poor are getting worse ..while the rich live off cream..lets hope negative equity strikes then we will see because the common man will always win....he has no need for greed....mental health forum attended by Mr.Atlee prime minister if we cannot listen to the common man then we will have war.....well people here is a common man launching my attack on this government.. because commonsense did not and is still not prevailing...i would  like  to ask the  honourable  prime  minister  where  is  the  funding  for  new  business  start-up this  is  ok if  you  have  a   business  idea  and  funds  to get  it  off  the  ground  excuse  sir   i came  out  of  prison with  120 , and  this  is  what i have  been doing  for  the  nine  years   i would also like  to ask the  honourable  gentleman where  has  the  rehab support  been, social services  support,no where to be seen rather  a  laugh  actually  as  they  did  not  even know  where i was  living its  a  pity  i opened  my  mouth in march ..disclosure  i think thats  what  they  call it..not  my  fault  complain to the  services that  should  have  been supporting  me  albeit  little  late now enough  for  today, i have had great fun building this site in the last two months i hope you all appreciate it since i have no internet education or computer knowledge

people to thank


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