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" gemma" a dog I never got to see again
you know Gary Wilson ask him why......................?

Gemma  was  a  dog ,that  was  bought  as  a  replacement  to my  wifes  unfortunate  loss of  my first  child  through an eptopic  pregancy, one might  ask why  spend  7  months in a  tent  at  loch awe the answer  is  simple  I was  coping  with  the  grief of this.Little  did  I know  what  was  in store  for me...........


"The  Joking Killer" is  the  "Press and Journals" Aberdeen description, the  reason behind this  is  when the  doctor  was  taking my  alcohol count,I joked  that it would be pure grouse, as  "The famous grouse whisky"  of which I enjoyed, fortunately I havent  had  an alcoholic  drink since  passing  my  driving  test  in 1999 first  time.......

Alexander mcrobbie-Munro





Dear Friend,

please find enclosed the real story that happened on the 6th Oct 1988


I had only intended in passing through Aviemore late September 1988, I had arrived in Aviemore about 3am in the morning, and spent the night on the the train station platform with my dog Gemma in tow.

As morning was beckoning , i thought i had better make a move.


On coming out of this shop , I bumped into an old friend Gary Wilson , with whom I had hooked up with during the previous skiing season

Gary informed me that there were jobs going at the Four Seasons hotel as KPs ie kitchen porters.

I informed Gary that I was,nt really interested as i had an 11 month old german shepard dog,

but Gary convinced me to stay as he had a caravan on High Burnside and due to previous stays on this site our caravan had been broken into on numerous occasions , so the dog could earn her keep as a guard dog, as well as let me work and earn some money.

Two days later I had managed to secure a job, after several months of camping at Loch Awe

It was a relief to be working and earning some cash, food and a roof over my head.

I soon settled into work, working shifts of 8 hours on 4 hours off 8 hours on, I

quickly made friends with the other workers and staff at the hostel and I felt things were looking going well.

chapter 2

Several months of celibacy has effects on a man, so I was pleased to gain the attention of a girl called



between the shifts and sex, things were getting a bit hectic, after my seven months of solitude

Pay day was looming close, and I commented to Jay that I was in need of some serious sleep, and also needed to spend sometime with Gemma

as work was denying me this, apart from the evenings I had sneaked her into the staff hostel.

Pay-day I was rich, the hours I had put in had paid off, I was off out to celebrate, firstly I paid a visit to the off-licence a case of lager acquired, I whistle happily and thought how happy I was.

After I had deposited the lager in my room, I went out for the night, but was,nt out all that long and was back in the hostel for 10pm mince-pie supper for my tea.

I settled down in the common room ,with it being Friday the place was empty, everyone was still out, so not to be a party pooper I decided to go out again, I ended up in a pub on the front called Mr Sirs which recently had had new glazing put in, unfortunately for the owner he never paid , so the glazing company had taken the glass out.

I guess that,s why I ended up drinking doubles and then treble whiskies, my company were three girls form work and we were all in good spirits , as last orders were called , I said I was heading off for the hostel, and the four of us left together, with myself carrying on with one of them and carried her over my shoulder, I remember two of the girls calling to Gemma and saying that my dog was here, to which gemma came running up to see me, as I was happy to see her, I decided I would take her to the hostel for the night, the chippy was busy as the pubs were closing, I was taking the dog , when a tall stocky chap stood up and said your taking no fucking dog.

I gave the dog the follow command and we went off together, as we had to cut up through a lane to get to the hostel, as we were approaching the top of the lane I heard running behind me, and as I was drunk and did not want any trouble I turned and noticed it was the big stocky bloke all 6 foot 6 inches plus his friend.

I would like to point out that these two people I did not know them, they said they were taking the dog, and like I said I

did not want any trouble, so I told them to take her and we would sort it out in the morning , to which they replied , I would be dead in the morning .

On hearing this ,and as they left, I lost all compusmentus, fear, loss, and emotion took over, I ran down to the hostel where I kept a knife next to the fruit bowl. protection was required, the knife saw to that, I took the knife and slipped it into my waistband of my trousers, at the left side ,after all I am left handed, as I made my way out of the hostel, and down the lane and round the side of the bank, people were everywhere, being 6 foot six and 15 stone , it was not hard to spot this stocky person, as I walked up to him, and went to slap him , with my right hand, it was then in a split second, that my left hand ,had responded remotely, it was then I realised, that I had stabbed this guy in the neck, not on purpose, my left hand is my natural hand, I the last thing I saw was this guys hands grabbing the knife, I panicked and turned and ran back to the hostel, fear panicking ,I packed my rucksack and climbed out of the window, as the door to my room was getting kicked in.

I ran towards the four seasons hotel, shouting at someone I cannot remember what I shouted,

I awoke in the cells in the morning, the dog was there with me.

Question 1. Why did these guys chase after me.

Question 2. possesion is 9/10s of the law

Question 3.What had Gary Wilson done.

Question 4. Was it the blow I delivered or this mans actions removing the knife that caused him , to severe his carotid artery,as  the  patholigist  reports states  the  wound  is  consistent  to a  slashing  movement, opposite  to what  I  had  done, personally I say the latter.

Question 5.Why did the police not intervene sooner as they were aware of the first altercation.

Answer 1. they thought they owned the dog.

Answer 2. Is correct

Answer 3. Gary Wilson sold them the dog for a bottle of wine.

Answer 4. only the pathologist can answer this, but I feel it is the latter as his report states the wound , would have been caused by a right handed blow, a stab wound is a puncture, as his reports states the wound is consistent to a slashing movement, confirming my beliefs that the deceased severed his own artery, trying to remove the knife, does this remove the onus on me.

Answer 5. the police are just as culpable for not intervening on the first count.


I did this out of love not hate, or malice , there was no intention of me using the knife, it was an spontaneous action from my natural left side, had thay left me to go up the road , with the dog, nothing would have ,happened.

If Gary Wilson was any friend at all he would come forward and admit his guilt, along with Jim Cruickshank , as for Ian Couper deceased I cannot explain how I feel, what would the outcome have been , If I had not handed the dog


Question 6. Pet owners what would you have done in these circumstances as there are 1 out of ten of us pet-owners

myself I have completed my term of imprisonment, which during it I became addicted to opiates, ie heroin, mst,s temgesics, df118,s plus  ecstasy, and all other sorts of illicit drugs which are readily available in prison, do not be fooled it is easy to get lost in these places, fortunately I have been clean for 9 years and still going strong without a support network, and for legal reasons I cannot say anymore

although  they  have  admitted grounds  for  a  complaint, despite  this  ,once  more  I  am left  wondering  when someone  is  actually  going  to visit  me  at  home, as  for  today  my  father  visited  and  is  also wondering  why  I  am left  to live in poverty and exposing  me  to the  risk of  returning  to heroin  for  the  doctors  after  9 years  of  seeking  assistance  from them I  have  given up on the  Helensburgh  based  practice

this  includes 3  doctors

dr.morrice/retired stated I  was a  prime  candidate  for



dr.robin failed  to listen to my  claims  of  mental and  physical abuse  from fiona  gavin


for  3  years I  have been going to see this  doctor  and only  recently  was  he  aware  of my  previous  heroin addiction not  good  enough

where  are  the  social-work all on holiday  I  presume





out to play for the weekend from Dungavel
my younger step-brother was playing this day

no words can explain how I felt...............jay
gone but not forgotten, a power of strength for my trial

gemma happy at loch awe 88
a dog I still miss
On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for building  this  site, I do not  feel any injustice  I  just  want  the  truth  to be known, that  I was not  soley  responsible  for  this  crime......

A News Paper report I eventually found after 15 years of searching

Diesel a fine dog being of the wolf we are one
even after 7 years inside I am still the joker diesel passed away 3rd March 2008 R.I.P.


What's New?

Here I  will be  adding  photos that  I have  from loch awe and  of  some  of  the  people that I feel have  helped me  put  this  story  together, I  will also be  publishing  my  time in prison the  highs  and  the  lows  and  of  course  ,what  I  can remember  about  the  trial, especially the  3  crown witnesses  of 10 cairngorm avenue ,  Aviemore, who all got it  wrong  in court,little  did  they  know  I   am left-handed, they  assumed I used  my  right  because  85% of  us  are  right-handed  pity  they  didnt, tell the  truth, like  Jim Cruickshank, and  Gary Wilson who was,nt  even called  to give  my  case.....your  honour..
wee raff from Airth Falkirk
trying to get in touch with you buddy............

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