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After pila Italy..........i needed somewhere to live and find work for the summer the good thing about having a different class every week made thing a little easier. so April 9th.... the final coaches arrived to take the last of the skiers and instructors home to the U.K

somehow one of the teachers counted wrong and for a minute there were not enough seats for everyone.............after a 15 minute panic everyone is seated and the coaches head out.... bye bye pila

i will return

so it was look up the little black book to find a destination or someone who would be prepared to assist

so a quick phone call from Bristol templemeads station I think and hey presto a girl from leicester will pick me up at leicester

name withheld

however 10pm or thereabouts I am in leicester

and heading to south wigston

after meeting the family and thanking them for letting me live there it was time to find work after a small respite

eventually I found work with

Liberty financial services

welford road

since I still had my suit with me and a glorious tan from Italy all that was required was a tie and shirt... shoes

once again I quickly made friends in the office also gaining attention from the girls in the bottom office which dealt with finance it was not long before I was playing the field, lets just say I was not to keen on where I was living ..... my nights were spent clubbing looking for business not for pleasure...........everyone I met I hit them with the pitch......... and where do you see yourself in 15 years.......... married house kids........ all takes money........... and that was how it started...

I do not wish to bore you but in my 1st month I accumulated 100,000k in business earning me a night out in windsor........@ blazers nightclub to pick up my award also for the business I had conducted....... the award shall we say is lost but I know who had it last.............miss o grady..along with my ski boots.......I must point out that at this time I have left south wigston and no longer with miss ogrady or better still I have been kicked into touch because of my behaviour..........not my fault her sister was more attractive.........

now I am living in Loughborough with a few lads sharing a house...........moz chris and his brother gareth who worked @ liberty also...

a fuckin commuter train to work my arse.......this job was a ball breaker.........always hunting business, no break

on one certain occasion the lads and I are out and I keep getting asked if I am midge ure of ultravox as the lads look like my bouncers eventually I ended up taking this girl back to the house and after a session of sex.......... I hear the door opening downstairs lads must be back........hell no it this floosies 4 mates looking for her as I HAD LEFT my address with the doorman in case her friends were looking for her.

so in the barged and asked this girl if she was coming with them she replied no , but they would not leave it @ that .. eventually they said they had food out in the car and would go and have that till she made here mind up if she was staying or going...

after about five minutes I went down to their car......a fiesta , just my shorts on and proceeded to urinate over the bonnet as a way of protesting the fact they had just walked straight into the house.shit next thing I know is the cars started and this mad bitch tries to knock me down I jump out of the way........this road was unadopted.. so my legs back and side are full of gravel I made my way back to house bit grazed and battered.......this girl is fuming @ me what for......... I only gave the car the golden shower...........eventually the lads arrive seemingly they know these girls and moz and chris are in hysterics @ my actions ...gareth ?

eventually all the girls leave and its off to tomorrow

arriving @ the office like I normally do early I am some what surprised gareth has not uttered a word all morning on the the rest of the office staff start to arrive they notice my face is grazed also I explain to them to ask gareth what happened.............boy he is not enamoured

so I ended up telling them myself.....

the following week the guys are off on holiday.........that leaves me in the house on my own for a fortnight....that will be right......

rucksack packed its off and out of britain for a few weeks

heading where you guessed

france dijon talant

myriam kabrane

rue de liberation

how fitting the name


it took me three days to hitch-hike

only to find out that myriam has a boy-friend it would not have been so bad but after three days on the road they dragged me off to a nightclub this was the last thing I needed but @ least the hospitality and thought was there even to the extent that myriam invited a few female friends over for tea but to be honest I needed a bed not for sex for sleeping.........never mind next stop pila italy..

to be updated


steve wright mark mozz gareth chris marie ogrady

albert greenaway

frances greenaway

john lyons

mrs mills

sham ghelani+ and sister

eleanor smith+ family

and the west indian couple from king richards road who gave me accomadation and fed me for two weeks



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