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ROMANY LAW                          The norm basis in Lithuania allows a person to defend himself/herself and the interests of society. The Romany people as well as all citizens of other than Lithuanian nationality enjoy the equal rights in Lithuania. However, their general ignorance, not to mention their lack of knowledge in law matters, prevent them from using their rights and possibilities.

Being a gypsy is not only a nationality. It is also an identity that in many ways defines a specific way of life. This group of people has always distinguished itself by certain qualities that society is attributing to it. Despite the fact that in recent years more and more initiatives to change gypsies’ social, economic, cultural status are being shown and even though this group of people enjoys the same rights and possibilities as the rest people of Lithuania, the group is only partly civic-minded and the social estimation remains stereotypical.

I will be  researching romany laws of the uk regarding my own case and if this is the case then I expect this case to reach the appeal courts sooner rather than later just because I had gained employment as a kitchen-porter did not remove my status or label as a traveller after 7 months in a tent and 3 months on the road prior to that I would say I qualify as a gypsy...albeit tramp....with a suit....the joker

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26 July 2004 05:44:PM

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