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Dunfermline nite-spots 70/80s

living in mossgreen which is just outside Crossgates on the Kirkcaldy route it was here i used to head of for the night with my friend gary walls as I was 18 and gary fast approaching legal age for drinking we would head off towards Dunfermline normally starting @ the Elizabeathan a fine drinking hole situated 2 miles east of Dunfermline it was here i was to meet lesley hempseed whom we have already mentioned many a night was spent in here , I guess as I worked in the coalmines money was no problem when it came to drinking good wages, also best of clothes at one time I must have had @ least 4 or 5 suits, being a mod it was good to have such luxuries irridescent suit, tie, and trilby to boot back to the watering holes, after a spell in the beathan, it was on into town now here we start to have fun many pubs and many choices, some of my favourites “the well” , “the northern roadhouse” “the city hotel” “st margaret hotel” and normally finishing off @ the infamous kinema ballroom which was amazing in my day hardly any battles inside everyone waiting till closing time as this was when most of the trouble started.. main reasons

1.naval dockyard rosyth


3.high valleyfield








now in the 70s or early 80s most of these towns had their own gangs coming out of the kinema used to be a nightmare sometimes if you had upset anyone inside sure enough wherever that particular sod came from you could be assured that when you stepped outside not only him but a whole army of buddies would be waiting for you.. it was not unusual to see running battles, between gangs from oakley and blairhall or valleyfield or brucefield which is located @ the bottom of the new row in dunfermline... although I was from mossgreen most of my time @ this age was normally spent in brucefield , mainly because my other good friend mike dickson who was from pitcorthie meant it was handy for a bed @ night not unusual to get a kick in the ribs in the morning as mr dickson came into to wake mike for work only to apologise for his actions... another of my friends from Dunfermline was davie young with whom I had asked many times for back up......

as I was working in the coal mines and earning a good wage it was not unusual to get blitzed from Friday to Monday although even if I was working on a Saturday back shift I would always make my work reliability theres that word again or shall we say dependable to turn up for work no matter how much inkihol I had consumed the night before.... getting back to the kinema if I was in the situation of walking home which was 6 miles from Dunfermline to Mossgreen... normally meant getting to Crossgates about 3 or 4am in the morning the reason I liked this was the bakers in Crossgates was open for business which meant that the pies were just coming out of the ovens... 6 pies and 6 rolls and thats only for me... I must stipulate no I never ate all the pies....

sometime s my father who by this time had established crossgates taxis used to find me on my way home sometimes and drop me off @ the bakers if not it was probably to some floosies house for a night of sex, sex and more sex ... it was not unusual for me to find a girl from rosyth

and then that meant a walk up the dales again roughly 6 miles on this route I would normally find one of toasters taxis giving me a lift back to crossgates....

to wilma lorimer

tnx for the great sex even though your sister did walk in and catch my bare arse going tten to the dozen and all she could say was hey don,t mind me I said nothing and just kept banging away...not even missing a stroke ...lmao



laff my ass off

big thank you to flash her ole man also with whom I bumped into in rosyth in 1995 albeit he did not put 2+2 together although I did ask him to pass my wishes onto Wilma

during my time hanging out @ the bottom of the town usually we drank in “the cottage inn”, now “castaways” I think only 22p a pint not bad when you think of todays prices god knows why anyone wants to drink at todays prices robbery I call it...all you do is piss it if I could have every penny I spent on drink in my younger days....s

After my fiasco in malta a few months later I left my father house and moved in with ronnie and sharon...and ian and spent a few weeks here as for one weekend while in tullibody

to which I was supposed to return to kenny kennedys house after a night out in alloa

which used to consist of an old church and was called the spiral never ever got to know why...

however this weekend I met a girl called mandy geddes burnside crescent menstrie

to which I never made it back to kennys until after the Monday backshift and this was only to inform him that I had met someone in Menstrie and that I was only there to pick up my clothes etc etc.... we did have a good laugh as this was my first weekend through here so it was off to menstrie

now this relationship I thought was the dogs bollocks how wrong it turned out to be after getting engaged a few months later I was to find out that ms geddes liked the pork sabre a bit more than I imagined and played away from home.. let her keep the ring no use to stop


craighorn road..

it was here I bumped into a miss hepburn janet ...this was just a bit of fun for me to the extent I screwed her friend in the living room while she had a bath..... hey I was a young guy having fun..... although my drinking was out of hand @ times I was never really a violent person just liked to have fun and if a girl wanted podgered then I was happy to oblige so much to the extent that in 3 months I spent time in 3 different houses in Alva

so much that a fellow (des reid)coal miner was worried I was giving his missus one... would I do that.. not been with a married woman in my puff can do without that shit des was so paranoid that if I took a sick day so did he.....


it was not long before the demise of the coal mines started and I was dismissed after a short spell inside H.M.P lowmoss

and as I saw this I decided that I would not go back to the mines instead opting to cash my pension of four years in..... which led to me buying a car and heading to


for a weekend this ties in with two jobs and 18 months later

to be updated

to come abbeyview

elgin street disco

the skids

connection big country

cresta bar


still more to come

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