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my first parole review would have been in 1991 or there abouts by this time i am well hooked on opiates as far as on a bad day i will go looking for tylex administered by the M.O.

however ym review is up and coming ihave told them what they wanted to hear that i had commited the worst crime known to man....admitting my guilt for my actions as still at this time i could not remember exactly everything that had happened, and when i look back in who was really to blame , a catalogue of errors happened before the actual incident....however my parole review was refused mainly because i would not address my alcohol problem...



Since passing my driving test over 5 years ago i have not had a drink prior to that i was dry for 3 years.. honourable people of the parole board when you are threatened with your life and two strangers are apparently stealing your dog.... of course you are going to be upset and act out of character, i suppose this applies to the procuator fiscal and the police involved that night..... and even the trial.. as it is the polices job to gather the evidence why were the facts not told in court only a storyline that fitted the crime.. exonerating the police officers and exonerating Ian couper , james cruickshank and gary wilson

all of whom played parts in the build up

who or what right did mr couper and mr cruickshank have in waiting at least two minutes before chasing after me and lets not forget the police seen this........ and also witnessed the pair returning with the dog.... question how do they know i am ok and not lying in a heap.....?

why did they not proceed to question the pair about the dog...etc.. etc.. etc.

as you have guessed i never got parole......

so it was chin up and get on with it...


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